Securing our Future

Moniaive Initiative has been funded from 2020 to 2023 by the Scottish Government’s Investing in Communities fund to carry out local consultation so that we can update our local Community Action Plan. This will enable us to identify key challenges in our community, and to develop projects and local interaction that could help address those challenges.

Although our original plans for local consultation were severely impacted by Covid restrictions, we have managed to speak to a wide cross section of our community on a range of issues and themes. We have talked to local groups and organisations to identify some of the challenges they are facing. We have spoken to Glencairn youngsters from both the local Primary and Secondary schools to ask for their opinions. During May / June 2021 we held a series of online public discussions on a range of key subjects (including Infrastructure, Economy, Buildings and Outdoor Spaces), to give local residents an opportunity to have their say.

We then used the key points from all these discussions to develop a series of questions to put to the entire community. The SHAPING GLENCAIRN survey was distributed to every household in Glencairn in July 2021.

We have used the results of this survey, along with comments and ideas raised in our wider consultation, to develop our upcoming Glencairn & Moniaive Action Plan (GMAP) 2022-2027.

This document will lay out a range of potential actions that we as a community could take to increase local sustainability and resilience. Moniaive Initiative will use this document to demonstrate key issues within our community. We will then be able to develop a range of new projects, and use the results of our consultation to gain support for future funding applications for those projects.

While this process is ongoing, we continue to support a range of local groups and organisations as they complete ongoing community projects, and bring forward ideas for new ones. These include:

Glencairn Memorial Institute – working on upgrades to our community hall

Moniaive Playcare – expanding their premises to enable them to offer more comprehensive, wraparound childcare provision, and

Glencairn Land & Woods Trust – developing an asset transfer project to create Glencairn’s first community woodland.

As we identify new projects through the consultation process, we aim to develop new partnerships with other community groups and organisations, to allow Glencairn to deliver successful and sustainable projects to increase local resilience and enhance local lives.