Who We Are – Board

Our Board of Trustees are:

Chair – Bill McLarty

A previous Head Teacher of Moniaive, Kelloholm and Wallace Hall Primaries, Bill followed this with a secondment as Numeracy Development Officer with the Curriculum for Excellence team before his recent retirement.  Having brought up his own family here, he knows the importance of getting involved to ensure the community continues to thrive.  Bill has been on the board of Moniaive Initiative since our establishment in 2013.

Secretary – Jude Knowles

An experienced HR manager working in a national private sector organisation, Jude is currently Vice Chair of Moniaive Parent Council, is a mentor with Queensberry Initiative, and sits on the Gala Committee.  Jude is bringing her own family up in Moniaive, and believes that community involvement is the key to sustainable small communities.   She has been on the board of Moniaive Initiative since our establishment.

Treasurer – John Murray

An award-winning Architect with his own practice in Moniaive, John is a former vice treasurer of Moniaive Playcare, and is currently a mentor to senior years students with Queensberry Initiative.  John lives in Moniaive with his family and has an in depth knowledge of the surrounding area, where he has brought many exciting projects to fruition.   He has been on the board of Moniaive Initiative since our establishment.

Board member – Karen Donald

Karen worked for the Glenkens Community & Arts Trust and was Programme Manager at the CatStrand in New Galloway. She has also worked for Creetown Initiative and was a Trustee of the Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival for seven years. She is currently Vice Chair of The Stove in Dumfries. Karen joined us in 2016.

Board Member – Dr Stephen Maxwell

A former MD of an oilfield consultancy firm working worldwide, Stephen currently works part-time providing bespoke training for oilfield chemists and engineers. Previously a Director of Aberdeen Enterprise Trust, and a former Glencairn Community Councillor, he is currently an organising member of the volunteer Community Resilience Team.   Stephen joined the Board of Moniaive Initiative in 2016.