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In 2014 Moniaive Initiative identified an opportunity to create a multi-purpose community space, with charity shop and office, in one of the empty properties in the High Street. In February 2015 we achieved a grant from the Big Lottery ‘Investing in Ideas’ fund to look into options and to consult with the local community over needs and requirements.

A variety of activities were used to engage with a cross-section of the local community, and as a result of the feedback received, our project has broadened to consider issues facing the full range of existing community spaces across Glencairn. As the project progresses, we have shared our findings through the Glencairn Gazette, local noticeboards, face-to-face discussions at the Moniaive Gala and Duck Race, and online through our Facebook page and this website.

We commenced our consultation with a brief ONLINE SURVEY in May 2015, to which we received 87 responses. Across the summer of 2015 six High Street businesses took part in one-to-one STAKEHOLDER SURVEYS and 13 local clubs and organisations completed our STAKEHOLDER QUESTIONNAIRE. In October 2015 our COMMUNITY SURVEY was distributed to 700 households across Glencairn with the Gazette. The ideas and comments received from this were discussed by our DIGITAL FACEBOOK FORUM to create the starting point for discussions in our COMMUNITY WORKSHOP in April 2016, attended by 25 local residents. In the same month we carried out a YOUTH WORKSHOP for P6/P7 pupils at Moniaive Primary School, which enabled them to create their own ONLINE SURVEY for local youngsters and their parents / carers.

A link to our FINAL REPORT for the Big Lottery can be found at the bottom of this page.    Here are some of our findings:

What our respondents LIKE about Glencairn:

  1. Landscape / scenery / countryside
  2. Community
  3. Friendliness

What our respondents DISLIKE about Glencairn:

  1. Poor public transport
  2. The Weather
  3. Poor mobile phone / broadband


72% of respondents were local residents

80% had attended events in community spaces in Moniaive in the current year

34% said they would like to see a local information point

27% said they would like to see a community charity shop

“Anything that opens closed units!”


75% of respondents have lived in Glencairn for 5+ years

58% are part of a community group or organisation

60% would use community facilities / services in a Hub

50% would buy from / use a Community Charity Shop

21% would volunteer /become involved in a Community Charity Shop

“We need a proper community hall on the ground floor.”


Between them they have 50 years’ experience trading on Moniaive High Street.

“Encouraging the Use of Empty Buildings” came top of their list of priorities

Community Workshop_Apr16a Youth Workshop_Apr16_c Youth Workshop_Apr16_a


We asked what services you might use in a new Community Hub (listed in order of popularity):

  • Traditional Information Point
  • Leisure Learning
  • Digital Information Point
  • Ticket booking office
  • Local Heritage Information /displays
  • Free Wi-fi / Internet facilities
  • Exhibition space

Then we asked what items you might buy from a community charity shop:

  • Furniture
  • Vintage Clothes
  • Vintage Jewellery
  • Vintage Kitchen & tableware
  • Books

“Meeting rooms / workshops needed”

“Bright open space with central location”


The youngsters of Moniaive were almost entirely preoccupied with outdoor activities – here are some of their ideas:

Maze — Climbing — Skateboard — Bandstand — Graffiti — ObstacleCourse — Parkour — Trampoline — Den Building

Hub_inspiration_a A The Airts 2

So what could a new Community Hub in Moniaive High Street provide?

A Community Charity Shop

  • Run FOR the community and BY the community

A Community Information Point

  • A one-stop shop for information, available on a drop-in basis
  • An Internet access point
  • The potential for pop-up shops, credit union, ticket sales, heritage displays

Office / Meeting Space

  • To supplement existing provision in the area
  • To provide a visible presence in the village for Moniaive Initiative

A Community House

  • To provide affordable housing for single persons / small families

And what might it achieve?

  • Community organisations and individuals will come together to create a new community asset in the rurally excluded district of Glencairn
  • The establishment of a community hub in a newly renovated building will enable Moniaive to become more environmentally, commercially and sociably sustainable
  • Organisations and local residents in Glencairn will increase capacity, skills, knowledge and confidence through involvement in the creation of a hub, and it’s ongoing development
  • Residents of Moniaive will be less disadvantaged and will have more opportunities as a result of the development of a community hub

Here are some of YOUR suggestions for the Community Hub:

Arts-Crafts-Recycling-Workshops-Studios-Swapping- Antiques-Share Shop-Gallery-Upcycling-Clothes-Gym-Sauna-Dance Room-Drop-in Centre-Youth Cafe-Gallery-Business Services-Library-Community Housing-Events-Treatment Room-Rehearsal Space-Youth Provision

You can read our brief reports here:

BRIEF_CS Stakeholder Survey Results_Rev A

BRIEF_CS Communty Survey Results_Rev A


The Final Report can be found here:


Moniaive Initiative secured grant funding from the Scottish Land Fund in 2019 to purchase AMD House in Moniaive High Street to create The Hive, after operating a trial hub and shop in the building on a 6-month lease.  You can follow the progress of this project on our dedicated COMMUNITY SHOP & HUB page.

In 2020 we will continue investigating options for additional usage of existing community spaces, and start looking at options for expanding community space available through use of new sites.  With the Glencairn Memorial Institute (and other community buildings) closed in 2020 due to the Covid Emergency, our outdoor community spaces are more important than ever.   This emergency has highlighted how inflexible some of our existing community buildings are, and made us realise just how important access to suitable outdoor spaces will be in the coming months and years.  We will discuss these issues as part of our ongoing community engagement in 2020.  If you have comments or ideas to share with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Further updates will be added to this page as they become available.

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