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Since November 2017 Moniaive Initiative have been using a Big Lottery Fund Development Grant to progress a Concept Design for the proposed Community Shop, Housing & Hub project in Moniaive High Street.

Having established through an earlier Feasibility Study that this model could be sustainable in Moniaive, we completed an Options Appraisal on 6 buildings that were then available for purchase / lease in the High Street, and finally settled on Ebruchie as our ‘target’ building. This decision was based on two factors:

  1. Ebruchie was able to offer flexible space to provide 3 potential income streams, through a retail unit, community meeting space, and an affordable housing unit, to make it sustainable.
  2. Ebruchie had been on the market for several years, and was becoming an eyesore.

Throughout December 2017 and January 2018 we commissioned a series of specialist surveys to create a full Condition Survey on the building. At the same time our Architects drafted two alternative ‘Concept Design’ plans to show how the available space might be used.

The results of the specialist surveys unfortunately showed that Ebruchie is in a much worse condition than expected. This, combined with the need for flood mitigation works, have pushed up the cost estimates for the project. We have investigated options for reducing these costs, resulting in the drafting of a reduced plan in our Concept Design Option 3.

However, the repair and renovation costs for the building are so high that we have now been advised that even this reduced plan will still be too expensive to be considered for grant support, especially given the smaller community benefit that could be derived from the reduced design option.

The Trustees of Moniaive Initiative have therefore decided to withdraw our current project from the Scottish Land Fund and Big Lottery Scotland application processes.

Kara Millen, our Community Hub Development Officer, will continue to investigate alternative ideas and options for supporting and enhancing community spaces development in Moniaive during the remainder of her 6 month post.   Deborah Iden, our Project Officer, will concentrate on the ‘High Street Regeneration’ element of the project, with a view to investigating alternative options for improving the look and feel of Moniaive High Street.

The Trustees of Moniaive Initiative would like to thank the local community for their continued support as we use this breathing space to re-evaluate our proposals and to investigate new ways in which to bring them to fruition.