Survey Return Deadline extended

Due to a delay in the delivery of our SHAPING GLENCARIN community survey, we have decided to extend the deadline for return by a week, to FRIDAY 23rd JULY. The collection boxes at Watsons Grocers in Moniaive, Townhead of Glencairn in Kirkland, and No 1 Wallaceton will remain in place until that date.

Thanks to everyone who has already completed and returned their surveys!

Last chance to apply!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is your last chance to apply for our exciting new post at the Hive.

This post is supported by Blackcraig Wind Farm Community Fund with funding from Blackcraig Wind Farm (Scotland) Limited, administered by Foundation Scotland working in partnership with The Glenkens & District Trust

Why are Community Surveys so Important?

Since 2014, Moniaive Initiative has been delivering projects to help the Glencairn thrive and adapt. This includes affordable housing at Sawmill Green, The Hive community shop, improvements to Macara Park play equipment and other projects committed to making our community a safer, healthier and ultimately better place to live.

It might seem like magic, but in order for the Moniaive Initiative to do what it does, we rely on funding from different organisations. These funders expect to see evidence that our projects are carrying out the will of the community. That’s why we do surveys! 

We are opening up into a new world and our community needs to be ready for it. That’s why we’re acting now to see what our community wants its future to look like. Think of it as exercising your right to free speech. If you want to see change, let us know… and fill out that survey!

Shaping Glencairn

Shortly, a colourful community survey will be arriving at your home. Moniaive Initiative is a community organization dedicated to the vitality and resilience of the Glencairn Parish. Recently we have developed a set of questions based on key topics raised at community meetings, from affordable housing and local businesses to land access and environmental sustainability. There will be one survey per household. This is your chance to sit down with your family and discuss what matters to you in your community.  It would be a great help if you could take just a bit of time to fill it out and return it to a drop-box near you. 

“Why another community survey?” you might be asking. Did you know all the projects delivered by Moniaive Initiative rely on grants from a range of funders? Our achievements at The Hive, the affordable housing project at Sawmill Green, improvements to Macara Park, the successful campaign to lower the village speed limit to 20 mph, and projects to help install renewable energy in our community spaces have all required substantial fundraising.

We have lots of exciting ideas for things to come. In order to secure funding for the future of Moniaive, Kirkland and Wallaceton, our community needs to demonstrate to potential funders what we hold most valuable. The best way to do that is to hold a community survey. The information that you provide now will be used to support our future grant applications.

So sharpen your pencils and get ready for the Shaping Glencairn community survey coming your way. Moniaive Initiative has taken great care to make sure each household gets just one copy, and that they are anonymous and fair. For that reason, each survey will be delivered in an envelope. Once you have completed the survey, put it back in the envelope and seal it. Then you can return it to a local drop off point or arrange for a pick up by using the contact details above. If for some reason you don’t receive a survey, please be in touch and another will be sent to you right away.

This is the easiest way you can help shape your community. Moniaive Initiative thanks you.