Community Workshop, Saturday 16 April 2016

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Back in 2013 the Glencairn Community Council carried out a brief local survey on how the community would like to spend the available Windfarm funds. That survey raised a number of general concerns focusing on the neglected look of Moniaive in particular, and on the lack of facilities and amenities available to the residents of Glencairn in general.  Provision of affordable housing, both to keep existing residents and to attract new ones, was seen as key to the area’s socio-economic challenges by many.  As a result of these findings, Moniaive Initiative started to consider these issues in greater depth, and it’s current portfolio of projects was born.

In response to those concerns about the run-down appearance of the village, Moniaive Initiative has achieved funding for a consultation into options for High Street Regeneration.  To tackle the lack of facilities and amenities we are working on two fronts.  In the short-term we are raising funds for improvements to Macara Park, to increase the range of children’s recreational equipment available, and to ensure that we maximise the potential of this wonderful facility.  In the long term we have already completed a project to identify affordable housing requirements and feasibility of provision.  We are now currently considering the feasibility of creating a ‘community hub’, a project which could both ‘plug’ the gap in local service provision and potentially help to regenerate the High Street, by bringing back into use one of the long-empty buildings.

The ‘public consultation’ elements of our current projects will shortly be drawing to a close with an open Community Workshop on Saturday 16 April, 10.00-12.00am in the Glencairn Memorial Institute, to discuss some of the results of our High Street Regeneration and Community Hub surveys.  We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to this event, and hope to generate discussion on ideas which we can carry forward to tackle some of the issues raised by our consultation.

For those of you who may have missed them previously, our Brief Reports in the different elements of the public consultation to date can now be found together here:

BRIEF_HSR SurveyMonkey Results_Rev A

BRIEF_HSR Stakeholder Results_Rev A

BRIEF_HSR Community Survey Results_Rev A

BRIEF_CS Stakeholder Survey Results_Rev A

BRIEF_CS Communty Survey Results_Rev A