GDPR Update

We have reviewed our Data Protection Policy in line with the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which come into force on 25 May 2018. You can read our full Policy below. Where you have provided us with your contact details, we will continue to keep and process your data, in a safe and secure manner, for the legitimate purpose of communicating with you about our work. We do not send our regular newsletters, and will only usually contact you directly if our work requires it. As before, you may request that your details are removed from our files at any time, by writing or emailing to us at the addresses given on our website.

Data Protection Policy

It is Moniaive Initiative’s policy to comply with all laws regulating computers and data protection. It is therefore important that Trustees, Staff, Members and Volunteers with access to Moniaive Initiative computers and files abide by certain rules whilst engaged in activity for the charity.

Staff are responsible for the day to day safety and maintenance of computer and other equipment, which they use at work, as well as the security of software and data stored on that equipment. It is Moniaive Initiative’s aim to ensure that all staff recognises the risks involved when dealing with digital information, and fully understand the steps that must be taken in order to minimise such risks. Wherever necessary, trustees, staff, members and volunteers will receive training to ensure that they understand the dangers of inappropriate and illegal use of the personal data they may have access to.

Our objectives are to ensure:

  • Any personal information collected will be processed in a prudent and lawful manner, and kept up to date and accurate at all times.
  • Any personal information collected will be held, used or disclosed only for the purpose for which it was collected.
  • No personal information will be disclosed to any Third Party without the express permission of the person to whom the information pertains.
  • Any personal information collected will be retained only for the period necessary for the completion of the task for which it was collected.

Pop-Up Hub Coming Soon!

High Street Festival

Moniaive Initiative will be hosting a POP-UP COMMUNITY HUB and information point over the weekend of the Moniaive Folk Festival. It will be an opportunity for all interested community groups to display information about their organisation, showcase projects (current or past), publicise forthcoming events, and generally raise their profile.

We will be opening the Hub from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th May inclusive, 11am until 6pm. The aim is provide a space to showcase all the wonderful things that are available here in Glencairn. We would welcome your leaflets, events posters, or even just some lovely photos to show everybody what you’ve been doing.  We will also be displaying a map of the village to show visitors where the local walks and points of interest are located.

The hub will be essentially un-manned, so we cannot accommodate anything of value (eg, original photos) but a festival steward will be monitoring it on a regular basis. We will be getting the space ready next week and can accept material from Wednesday 9th May onwards. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to print out materials for you, so we can only accept pre-printed material.

If you are interested in displaying information, or have any questions, please get in touch with Kara or Deb (email: or telephone 01848 200601, 10am-3pm weekdays).

  High Street_FF Parade_May17.JPG