Hello to Kara!


We would like to welcome Kara Millen to Moniaive Initiative.  Kara has joined us on a six-month, Big Lottery-funded post as our Community Shop and Hub Development Officer, and will be working entirely on developing this project over the coming weeks.  She has a background in sustainable architecture education and environmental consultancy, and is a strong supporter of a collaborative, inclusive approach as a means for growing and maintaining a more sustainable and resilient community.  Kara lives in Moniaive with her family, and is currently Chair of Moniaive Playcare and a member of the Moniaive Folk Festival committee.  She is also involved with Moniaive Primary School’s eco-group, helping them to gain their Green Flag. She is passionate about sustainable living, outdoor learning and upcycling.

Happy New Year!

We start the New Year on an exciting note, as we are currently finalising our application to the Scottish Land Fund for the funds with which to purchase our proposed Community Shop & Hub building.

Unfortunately we still have one issue to resolve before that application can be progressed, and that is the revision of our Constitution.  We attempted to resolve this last September, but at that time were unaware of issues against a previous version of our Constitution, which we need to resolve before we can go any further.

We now therefore need to ask members to vote on the following revisions (shown here in italics):

Constitution Change from a one-tier to a two-tier model
Clause 5 The organisation has power to do anything which is calculated to further its purposes or is conducive or incidental to doing so.   This includes the power to own land/property, to generate income and to employ staff.
Clause 11 Membership is open to any individual aged 16 or over who is a resident of Glencairn as defined by the community council boundary.
Clause 14 The board may, at their discretion, refuse to admit any person to membership where they have reasonable grounds to believe that he/she might, if admitted to membership, act in a manner which would damage the reputation of the organisation, undermine the efficiency of its operations and/or disrupt the proper conduct of its meetings. Membership will not be refused without good cause or explanation, and may not be refused on the basis of gender, age, ethnic background, disability, caring responsibilities, sexual orientation, religious belief, or marital status.
Clause 17 Minimum number of members shall be 20. There is no maximum number of members. The board must keep a register of members, setting out

17.1 for each current member:

17.1.1 his/her full name and address; and

17.1.2 the date on which he/she was registered as a member of the organisation;

17.2 for each former member – for at least six years from the date on which he/she ceased to be a member:

17.2.1 his/her name; and

17.2.2 the date on which he/she ceased to be a member.

A full draft of the proposed, revised Constitution is available to view here, should you wish to review these proposed amends in context:

Moniaive Initiative Constitution_Jan2018

MEMBERS will be contacted by letter / email in the next few days and asked to vote (to either accept or reject the revisions).  Please do take the time to vote, as we are unable to progress our projects until this issue is resolved.

Thank you.