P/T Home Working Opportunities with Moniaive Initiative

For the duration of the current Covid-19 situation Moniaive initiative will be offering small sections of work to locals whose normal work has been affected by the lockdown.   This will all be home-based, computer work, and will be broken down into fixed contracts of 7 or 14 hours, to be paid at a flat rate of £9/hr.

We are looking for individuals, resident in Glencairn, with a good knowledge / experience of various aspects of life in Glencairn, including local business, organisations, facilities and service provision, and with good general computer skills.   You will be assigned items to research and write up for a Baseline Report we are preparing.  You will need your own computer, internet access, and MS WORD and/or EXCEL. We also have some business / financial analysis sections, which will require good numeracy and spreadsheet skills.  All work will be sent out / returned by email.  We will match individuals to work elements according to skills and experience, but you can apply for multiple sections of work.

Payment will be made directly into your bank account, upon satisfactory completion of each section.  You will be responsible for your own Tax/NI, and for checking that this work will not impact on any other financial assistance you may need to apply for.

If you are interested in taking part, please email deb.moniaiveinitiative@gmail.com in the first instance, giving a brief outline of your skills and experience.  We will give priority to those who have lost their main source of income due to Covid-19. Your application will be handled in strictest confidence.

Covid-19 Announcement

Dear residents of Glencairn,

With much consideration by managers, staff and the management committee, it has been decided that in the interests of personal and community health, the Hive is to close as a retail outlet for the foreseeable future, whilst the social distancing advice from the government is in effect. Our last day of trading will be on Friday 20th March. We would like to thank our wonderful volunteers who have continued to offer their valuable time during this difficult period. This decision has not been taken lightly, and we realise that whilst the Hive offers a valuable community hub service, it does not offer an essential service in the products it sells. We feel that volunteers who are able and willing will be able to offer their services to the community in a more useful capacity in the future, whilst staying safe in the short-term. We will be helping co-ordinate any volunteer services needed by the community and resilience group. We thank you for your understanding and support and hope you all stay well. We are a wonderful community that has great capacity for kindness and generosity of spirit and we will come through this, hopefully stronger and more caring than ever.

The Hive Managers, Staff and Management Committee

Moniaive Initiative are Recruiting!

Moniaive Initiative are recruiting a new Hive Development Officer to deliver the next stage of our community shop and hub project:

  • Fixed Term (52 weeks)
  • 14 hours per week
  • £9 per hour
  • Based at home / in The Hive, Moniaive

The successful candidate will have relevant experience in business development and financial management; experience of working with community groups; excellent computer skills; meticulous attention to detail; organisational, communication and interpersonal skills and demonstrate good teamwork.

You will be expected to lead the development of The Hive, both building and business development, with a focus on increasing the resilience and long-term sustainability of the project.  You will update the existing Business Plan, carry out an Operational Review and Building Audit, and create an Action Plan for short and mid-term business development and building improvement works. You will be responsible for investigating and implementing new income streams and service provision options. Finally, you will investigate options for raising the necessary funds to carry out building improvement works.

A full job description can be found here:

Job spec_Hive Dev Officer_Mar20

Please email your cv and covering letter to:

deb.moniaiveinitiative@gmail.com by 5pm on 23/03/20.


We’re Recruiting a Shop Manager!

Moniaive Initiative are recruiting a new Shop Manager to progress our Community Shop & Hub project:

  • Fixed Term (52 weeks)
  • 12 hours per week
  • £9 per hour
  • Based in The Hive, AMD House, High Street, Moniaive

The successful candidate will have relevant experience in a retail / customer fronting position; community outreach and engagement; excellent organisational, communication and interpersonal skills and demonstrate good teamwork.  The project will have a focus on sustainability in reuse and recycling, supporting local arts and craftspersons, alleviating rural disadvantage and encouraging voluntary participation.

A full job description can be found here:

Job specification Shop Manager_31May19

Please email your cv and covering letter to:

deb.moniaiveinitiative@gmail.com by 5pm on Friday 07/06/19.




Funding Success for The Hive!


Moniaive Initiative are very pleased to announce that we have made a successful bid to the Scottish Land Fund for a grant to purchase AMD House in Moniaive High Street.

Chairman, Bill McLarty, said: “We are delighted that this grant will enable us to purchase a building that has stood empty and declining on our High Street for many years.”

As part of our village High Street Regeneration and Community Spaces projects, we currently hold a short lease on the property, and have been running a trial retail and community space since December 2018.   Thanks to the generosity and support of AMD Services, who own the building, and with help from local volunteers, we have been able to redecorate and fit-out the building to create THE HIVE.

Bill McLarty said: “This grant will enable us to build on the ideas already explored during our trial, to provide some of the additional services and amenities that local residents require to make life easier and more sustainable in this beautiful but remote area.”

The Hive currently accommodates a retail space selling second-hand clothes and accessories, and locally-produced arts and crafts. Another room houses the Library Book Exchange, to replace the recently-lost mobile library service. There are two further ‘workshop’ areas for practical skills sessions, and a separate, small room is available for hire by local businesses and organisations. The income generated by the project is already providing donations to three other community organisations and charities, and future income will enable Moniaive Initiative to carry out more projects in the Glencairn area.

“We have been using our trial period to try out different ideas for the available space,” said Project Officer Kara Millen. “We have created a warm and inviting space using donated and upcycled furniture, and now we are filling that space with locally sourced goods, both new and pre-loved, to support our local economy. We want to challenge people’s ideas of recycling and pre-loved items and create a beautiful space, curated to show off the best of our donations and local creative talent.”

The Hive is open most weekdays, with opening hours being advertised on our Facebook Page and on the shop door.  Everyone is welcome, so please do call by to browse our shop, borrow from the library, or to discuss how you can become more involved.


Welcome to The Hive!


It’s official: our new community shop and hub will be called THE HIVE.

The name was chosen by our Trustees from suggestions made during a recent competition.  All the names of those who voted for ‘The Hive’ were added to a prize draw, and we are pleased to say that our Facebook ‘friend’, Kat Stevens, was drawn to win the £20 shopping voucher for use in Watsons Grocery Store.

P1250706  P1250903

The Hive now contains a shop front with locally-produced arts and crafts, including a lovely selection of greetings cards, jewellery, pottery, woodwork, and small gifts.

  P1250696  P1250695

The rear-alcove is filled with pre-loved clothes and accessories, including a good range of seasonal garments,  children’s wear, handbags and shoes.


Our Library is proving a popular replacement for the recently lost mobile-library service.  We are building up a good section of reference books for loan, and fiction books are available either to borrow or to buy.  We also have a small section of DVDs and CDs for sale.

  P1250701  P1250700

Our two rear Workshop areas are still being developed for use, but will soon be hosting a series of practical skills workshops, and we have a number of local artisan workers keen to share their skills.

We are trying out different patterns of Opening Hours, to evaluate which best suit our volunteers and local shoppers.  You can find our opening hours listed on the door of The Hive each week, and advertised on our Facebook page.

If you haven’t been along to see us yet, NOW is the time to find out what the BUZZ is about!





Thank you to GCC Windfarm Fund for your continued support!

Moniaive Initiative are pleased to announce that Glencairn Community Council Windfarm Fund offered grant support of £3,638 to Moniaive Initiative, at their October Meeting.  This grant will provide us with Core Costs to enable us to continue operating during the period January – March 2019.  Applications have already been submitted to other bodies for funding for the period April 2019 – April 2020.

You can find more about how the Windfarm funds will be spent by reading our letter of thanks to the Community Council, here:

Windfarm Funding Grant Allocation

Moniaive Initiative would like to take this opportunity to thank the Glencairn Community Council Windfarm Fund for their continued support through the offer of grant funding made on 8 October 2018.

As you are aware, we were very fortunate this year to receive a grant from the Comic Relief Core Strength Local Communities fund to cover the bulk of our predicted core costs for 2018-19. The £3,638 offered by GCCWFF will bridge the shortfall caused by our unsuccessful application to D&G Nithsdale Area Committee, and enable us to continue operating during the period January to March 2019.

During this time our two part-time staff will continue to work to bring to fruition a number of long-term projects. Last year our project officers achieved over £50k of grant funding towards these projects. So far this year they have achieved grant offers of over £100k, bringing two of our projects much closer to fulfilment. Later this month we plan to open a 6-month long Community Shop and Hub, whilst completing the application process to raise the grant funding required to purchase the building for long-term community use. Both staff will work regularly in the Hub building, and in this way our work will be more accessible to a wider cross section of our community. We also anticipate being in a position, by Christmas, to commence our first affordable housing project.   Meanwhile, we continue to support other community groups in the development of their own projects, to investigate ideas for improving our community spaces, and to negotiate some of the improvements called for in our Lower Speed Communities project.

Most of this work would have ground to a halt without your generous grant offer.