Lower Speed Communities Project

Moniaive Initiative is currently working with walking charity, Living Streets (Scotland) on their national pilot project: Lower Speed Communities.  With communities of all sizes expressing concern over the speed and volume of traffic on their streets, Living Streets will be working with local authorities and community organisations in four pilot communities to support the introduction of 20mph areas.  In remote and rural communities such as Glencairn, cars are as vital as they are troublesome.  The village of Moniaive was shaped in an era of horse-drawn vehicles, when walking was ‘the norm’, but pavements were not necessary.  These narrow streets are now lined with parked cars, and groan under the weight of the HGV and agricultural traffic that powers our local economy.


Lowering vehicular speed is all about redressing the balance between walkers, cyclists, and vehicular traffic.  Lower speed communities benefit from cleaner air, less traffic noise, and safer streets.  At 30mph there is a 1 in 5 chance of a pedestrian being killed.  At 20mph that drops to 1 in 40.  Remember that next time you drive past the village school.

Our first target will be to increase local support for the principle of a 20mph area.  Before we even start to look at imposing speed limits, we want to discuss where the ‘problem areas’ are, and consider a variety of alternative means of encouraging drivers to reduce their speed in these target areas.

Whether you are a pedestrian, a cyclist or a driver  – a resident or a visitor –  if you have comments or ideas to share on this issue, please do contact us.


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