Lower Speed Communities Project – First Steps


On 19 May 2017 representatives from many of the local organisations of Glencairn came together, along with business owners and local residents, to discuss the issues of speed and road safety in Moniaive, at the first public meeting of our Lower Speed Communities project.  Those present helped to map ‘problem areas’, before sitting down to discuss the issues in more detail, and to decide on the first steps to be taken towards improving the situation in Moniaive.

The full Meeting notes can be accessed by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.  But in brief, those present agreed that:

  1. Speed is an issue with vehicles entering / exiting the village.
  2. Size of vehicle, as much as inappropriate speed, is an issue to pedestrians
  3. Lack of pavements, combined with inappropriate parking, increases the dangers to pedestrians
  4. Moniaive is a busy, working village, and any ‘solution’ must be sensitive to the importance of that traffic to the local economy.


The Mapping process highlighted particular worries around:

a) The Dunreggan entrance to the village

b) Parking outside the public toilets

c) Parking outside the shop

d) Parking around the School at start / end of school day

It was agreed that the next steps should include requesting speed-check results from the local Police, and organising our first meeting with the local authority to discuss the issues in more detail.  Everyone present was reminded that collection of evidence (-photographic where possible) would be helpful.

The full Meeting Notes can be found here:

1_Mtg Notes_19May2017

1_Mtg Notes_19May2017_MappingTheProblems

If you still have comments, photographs, or ideas to share with us, please email Deborah or Olwen at moniaiveinitiative@gmail.com



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