Thank you to GCC Windfarm Fund for your continued support!

Moniaive Initiative are pleased to announce that Glencairn Community Council Windfarm Fund offered grant support of £3,638 to Moniaive Initiative, at their October Meeting.  This grant will provide us with Core Costs to enable us to continue operating during the period January – March 2019.  Applications have already been submitted to other bodies for funding for the period April 2019 – April 2020.

You can find more about how the Windfarm funds will be spent by reading our letter of thanks to the Community Council, here:

Windfarm Funding Grant Allocation

Moniaive Initiative would like to take this opportunity to thank the Glencairn Community Council Windfarm Fund for their continued support through the offer of grant funding made on 8 October 2018.

As you are aware, we were very fortunate this year to receive a grant from the Comic Relief Core Strength Local Communities fund to cover the bulk of our predicted core costs for 2018-19. The £3,638 offered by GCCWFF will bridge the shortfall caused by our unsuccessful application to D&G Nithsdale Area Committee, and enable us to continue operating during the period January to March 2019.

During this time our two part-time staff will continue to work to bring to fruition a number of long-term projects. Last year our project officers achieved over £50k of grant funding towards these projects. So far this year they have achieved grant offers of over £100k, bringing two of our projects much closer to fulfilment. Later this month we plan to open a 6-month long Community Shop and Hub, whilst completing the application process to raise the grant funding required to purchase the building for long-term community use. Both staff will work regularly in the Hub building, and in this way our work will be more accessible to a wider cross section of our community. We also anticipate being in a position, by Christmas, to commence our first affordable housing project.   Meanwhile, we continue to support other community groups in the development of their own projects, to investigate ideas for improving our community spaces, and to negotiate some of the improvements called for in our Lower Speed Communities project.

Most of this work would have ground to a halt without your generous grant offer.

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