Funding Success for The Hive!


Moniaive Initiative are very pleased to announce that we have made a successful bid to the Scottish Land Fund for a grant to purchase AMD House in Moniaive High Street.

Chairman, Bill McLarty, said: “We are delighted that this grant will enable us to purchase a building that has stood empty and declining on our High Street for many years.”

As part of our village High Street Regeneration and Community Spaces projects, we currently hold a short lease on the property, and have been running a trial retail and community space since December 2018.   Thanks to the generosity and support of AMD Services, who own the building, and with help from local volunteers, we have been able to redecorate and fit-out the building to create THE HIVE.

Bill McLarty said: “This grant will enable us to build on the ideas already explored during our trial, to provide some of the additional services and amenities that local residents require to make life easier and more sustainable in this beautiful but remote area.”

The Hive currently accommodates a retail space selling second-hand clothes and accessories, and locally-produced arts and crafts. Another room houses the Library Book Exchange, to replace the recently-lost mobile library service. There are two further ‘workshop’ areas for practical skills sessions, and a separate, small room is available for hire by local businesses and organisations. The income generated by the project is already providing donations to three other community organisations and charities, and future income will enable Moniaive Initiative to carry out more projects in the Glencairn area.

“We have been using our trial period to try out different ideas for the available space,” said Project Officer Kara Millen. “We have created a warm and inviting space using donated and upcycled furniture, and now we are filling that space with locally sourced goods, both new and pre-loved, to support our local economy. We want to challenge people’s ideas of recycling and pre-loved items and create a beautiful space, curated to show off the best of our donations and local creative talent.”

The Hive is open most weekdays, with opening hours being advertised on our Facebook Page and on the shop door.  Everyone is welcome, so please do call by to browse our shop, borrow from the library, or to discuss how you can become more involved.


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