Why are Community Surveys so Important?

Since 2014, Moniaive Initiative has been delivering projects to help the Glencairn thrive and adapt. This includes affordable housing at Sawmill Green, The Hive community shop, improvements to Macara Park play equipment and other projects committed to making our community a safer, healthier and ultimately better place to live.

It might seem like magic, but in order for the Moniaive Initiative to do what it does, we rely on funding from different organisations. These funders expect to see evidence that our projects are carrying out the will of the community. That’s why we do surveys! 

We are opening up into a new world and our community needs to be ready for it. That’s why we’re acting now to see what our community wants its future to look like. Think of it as exercising your right to free speech. If you want to see change, let us know… and fill out that survey!

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