Make Room for Pedestrians!

High Street pedestrians

This week we launch the first report of our Lower Speed Communities project.  Entitled ‘Make Room for Pedestrians’, the report outlines the results of our recent Community Street Audits.    Those audits look at three main areas of Moniaive, already identified as ‘hotspots’ by previous engagement with local residents, and consider a range of actions that could be undertaken to alleviate issues in those areas.

 Report 1_Making Room for Pedestrians_Nov17

Please take a look at our report and let us know what you think.  Some of the potential actions outlined might be short-term or temporary interventions that we could try for ourselves as a community. Others would require wider public consultation and local authority consents.  Which do you think are worth trying?

You can provide feedback by sending us an email, by posting on our Facebook page, or by leaving comments here on our Website or in our box in Watsons Shop.

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