P/T Home Working Opportunities with Moniaive Initiative

For the duration of the current Covid-19 situation Moniaive initiative will be offering small sections of work to locals whose normal work has been affected by the lockdown.   This will all be home-based, computer work, and will be broken down into fixed contracts of 7 or 14 hours, to be paid at a flat rate of £9/hr.

We are looking for individuals, resident in Glencairn, with a good knowledge / experience of various aspects of life in Glencairn, including local business, organisations, facilities and service provision, and with good general computer skills.   You will be assigned items to research and write up for a Baseline Report we are preparing.  You will need your own computer, internet access, and MS WORD and/or EXCEL. We also have some business / financial analysis sections, which will require good numeracy and spreadsheet skills.  All work will be sent out / returned by email.  We will match individuals to work elements according to skills and experience, but you can apply for multiple sections of work.

Payment will be made directly into your bank account, upon satisfactory completion of each section.  You will be responsible for your own Tax/NI, and for checking that this work will not impact on any other financial assistance you may need to apply for.

If you are interested in taking part, please email deb.moniaiveinitiative@gmail.com in the first instance, giving a brief outline of your skills and experience.  We will give priority to those who have lost their main source of income due to Covid-19. Your application will be handled in strictest confidence.

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