Covid-19 Announcement

Dear residents of Glencairn,

With much consideration by managers, staff and the management committee, it has been decided that in the interests of personal and community health, the Hive is to close as a retail outlet for the foreseeable future, whilst the social distancing advice from the government is in effect. Our last day of trading will be on Friday 20th March. We would like to thank our wonderful volunteers who have continued to offer their valuable time during this difficult period. This decision has not been taken lightly, and we realise that whilst the Hive offers a valuable community hub service, it does not offer an essential service in the products it sells. We feel that volunteers who are able and willing will be able to offer their services to the community in a more useful capacity in the future, whilst staying safe in the short-term. We will be helping co-ordinate any volunteer services needed by the community and resilience group. We thank you for your understanding and support and hope you all stay well. We are a wonderful community that has great capacity for kindness and generosity of spirit and we will come through this, hopefully stronger and more caring than ever.

The Hive Managers, Staff and Management Committee

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