Empty Buildings!

AMD Ebrucie

We asked “Key Stakeholders”  (businesses and residents, to you and me!) how they would prioritise actions to regenerate Moniaive High Street.  Top of the list came “Encouraging the use of empty buildings”  closely followed by “Improving paving and pedestrian access”.    This is no great surprise to us, as all the recent studies tell us that thriving and vibrant villages and high streets depend on a good “pedestrian experience”.    Our challenge now is to find ways to improve the neglected parts of Moniaive.  You can have your say in this process by completing and returning your High Street Regeneration and Community Hub Questionnaire (distributed with the October Glencairn Gazette).

You can see the full results of our Key Stakeholders Survey here:

MI_Key Stakeholder Results_June15

MI_Key Stakeholder Comments_June15


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