Thank you to Comic Relief!

Moniaive Initiative are pleased to announce that we have received a grant of £6,752 from the Core Strength Local Communities Programme, to cover the bulk of our core organisational costs for the 2018-19 financial year.

This will enable us to continue working on legacy projects to meet our three objectives:

  • To relieve rural isolation, social & economic disadvantage due to remote location
  • To advance sustainable community development
  • To encourage participation in education, arts & culture and leisure for all individuals in the community.

You can find out more about how we intend to meet these objectives by reading our Glencairn & Moniaive Action Plan.  Details of the individual projects we are working on can be found here on our website under OUR PROJECTS, with regular updates on our NEWS page.

Comic Relief


Funded by Comic Relief through Foundation Scotland.  Comic Relief spends money raised by its fundraising campaigns, Red Nose Day and Sport Relief.

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