First Public Electric Car Charging Point in Moniaive is Operational

Just under a year ago Moniaive Initiative were asked to support Glencairn Community Council as they worked with local resident Peter Charlesworth on a project to install the first electric car charging points in Moniaive.  We are happy to say that the new electric Car Charging post in the village Car Park at the foot of Dunreggan Brae is now installed and operational. The post, owned and operated by Dumfries & Galloway Council, provides two 22kW chargers and two parking bays and is part of the Charge Place Scotland network. The bulk of the funding came from the UK Government’s On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme, with the balance coming from the Department of Transport for Scotland. The two new chargers can deliver enough power to add up to 90 miles of range for every hour the car is plugged in and are ideal for overnight charging and short stays in the village. 

With the transition to electric vehicles now brought forward, work must accelerate on getting the right infrastructure in place to encourage take-up of the new technology.  Where residents do not have access to off-road or dedicated kerbside parking (as is the case for many householders in Moniaive), suitable charging provision will be required through public charging networks. There are over 1,000 charging points in the Charge Place Scotland network (and over 35,000 across the UK), with chargers available across Dumfries and Galloway, including at Dalry, Castle Douglas, Dumfries, Dalmellington, Newton Stewart, Stranraer, Gretna and Sanquhar. Some local businesses also provide electric charging points.  The Charge Place Scotland website and App includes a map of chargers throughout Scotland.

The new chargers in Moniaive are compatible with all electric cars and plug in hybrid cars currently on the market. To use them, you will need your own charging cable with a Type2 connector (the most common type) and a subscription to Charge Place Scotland (£20 per annum).  Simply plug your cable into your car at one end and the charger at the other, hold your membership card up to the charge post and charging will start; just hold your card up again to stop charging. Although many of the chargers throughout Scotland are free to use, our charging points cost 25p per kWh (with a minimum charge of £1.50).  These charges are levied by D&G Council to cover the cost of electricity and charge point maintenance.  At the equivalent of about 6p per mile, this is still much cheaper than petrol or diesel, but will still be more expensive than charging at home.  Just remember to move your car promptly when you have finished charging, to allow others to use the facilities!

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